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Our Story

Dollanii was founded by two avid travelers who have a passion for exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. During their travels, they realized that travelers often miss out on the best parts of a new destination because they need access to local knowledge. They also had to deal with the inconvenience of carrying their luggage around after checking out of their hotels before their flights.

The purpose of Dollanii is to provide travelers with a unique and authentic experience by connecting them with local guides who can show them the hidden gems of a destination. At the same time, it offers individuals the opportunity to work as freelance guides, share their knowledge, and generate an extra source of income.

However, Dollanii is about more than just making travel easier; it is also about creating shared prosperity and meaningful friendships. We believe in assisting unemployed individuals in becoming local guides and earning a living by sharing their knowledge and love of their hometown with visitors.

Dollanii is more than simply a travel website; it is a platform that brings people together and promotes shared wealth. We believe in giving guests unique experiences while allowing locals to earn a living doing what they enjoy. Our vision is to create a universe where visitors may fully immerse themselves in a new area and experience it as if they were locals. We are dedicated to making travel more accessible, fun, and rewarding for all participants. Join us on this adventure and let us show you the world through a new perspective.